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Google Scholar displays how many times an academic piece of literature was cited, which is a rough numerical indicator of how influential the research was. Looking forward to hearing from you and other members in the community. buy a college paper online dolls Peer Evaluation — Open repository for data, papers, media coupled with an open review and discussion platform. Looking forward to browsing through some of the listings. Zooniverse — Citizen science projects using the efforts and ability of volunteers to help scientists and researchers.

Meta is an artificial intelligence company specializing in big data analysis of scientific and technical literature. I believe even if they are all easy to find with Google, they all have different features and possibilities which make them not so similar. writing services for research papers the curriculum cengage learning Hello, Thank you for your question. Another reason why Wikipedia should not be cited in an academic research paper is that it aims to be like an encyclopedia—a source of reference information, not scholarly research or primary or secondary sources. Thanks for including Mendeley.

I suspected something was amiss as it seemed counter intuitive. You can check us out at http: There are a number of ways you could publish your results. service essay writing steps what step follows ‘analysis’ The more I appreciate including our free platform for sharing biologicals in your listings. Hi — Delve Health focuses on biomedical research.

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Search and cite automatically with EasyBib! I would like to reuse the information contained on this website on our La Trobe University eResearch website — to show digital toolkits that are available to researchers. I noticed you were missing the best current platform from the crowdfunding section — Microryza. Help with research papers by google Open access platforms eLife — Open access to the most promising advances in science. We have apps for lab analysis automatization.

I will look into it. How to get your research noticed online Social Media at Queen's. Help with research papers by google Typewrite — A simple, real-time collaborative writing environment. It is assembled as an interactive Web-based mind map, titled Research Tools, which is available online at http: Synapse — Platform to support open, collaborative data analysis for clear, reproducible science Electronic lab notebook Docollab — Helps you manage your scientific research, collaborate with your colleagues and publish your findings.

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They have some nice tutorials here. I have made a few changes, but please do tell me if you have more comments. thesis only phd literature review Find us on Facebook https: EvidenceFinder — Enriches your literature exploration by suggesting questions alongside your search results. I am a general physician.

Depending on the size of your school, you may have a subject area librarian for the particular type of research you are doing. Thank you so much again! Find and share data and code back to top. help research paper gst in india pdf Scizzle — Curator that automagically finds new and relevant research papers. Thank you for all the information regarding online tools!

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Publons — Record, showcase, and verify all your peer review activity. Open Science Framework — Gathers a network of research documents, a version control system, and a collaboration software. Help with research papers by google Great collection — thank you! This is particularly important since you are a doctor: Thanks for the comment!

This tool allows you to import text from previous papers relevant to the subject area in MS word. I agree with Thomas that you should not submit to journals with weak peer review. Help with research papers by google Zotero — Helps you collect, organize, cite, and share your research sources.

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